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Our Prices
Prices Bannerviews at Link4U and members pages
Valid since 23.05.2012, all prices include 19% VAT
Number Bannerviews
for all banner formats (F1 / F2 / F3 / F4)
25,00 €

49,00 €

95,00 €

180,00 €

450,00 €

951,00 €

4808,00 €

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Advertising at Link4U´s bottom rotation frame?

Of course - possible.
Here you have the opportunity to show your banner on our homepage.
Of course, you also have here a permanent control over the success of your campaign.

The insertion of your banner (250x50 or 234x60 pixels).


Price list of banner ads at Link4U website (advertising frame at buttom)
Valid since 23.05.2012, all prices include 19% VAT

Number Bannerviews
82,25 €

154,00 €

205,00 €

298,00 €

449,00 €
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Abo's on request:
For maturities of 3 months, we offer discounted rates. How can I get more information?
If you would like to make use vondiesem offer, please drop us an email.

How do I get advertising at Link4U?

If you want advertising at Link4U and at all Link4U members pages, click this checkbox and fill in the items 1-4 and 6-10.

I want to book Bannerviews at Link4U and member pages: Yes/No

Banner ad swith format F1 / F2 / F3 / F4 at Link4U and members pages

Your banner will be displayed at link4U members pages

Select desired number of views Link4U and Link4u members pages.
Choose format
Please specify which categories your banner should be displayed. (at least 5 items)
Multiple choices on PCs: Hold down the CTRL key and select with a mouse click.
We recommend all
Please determine which nationalities Your banner will be shown. (at least 5 items)
(It is calculated the real nationality of each viewer!)
Multiple choices on PCs: Hold down the CTRL key and select with a mouse click.
We recommend all
  OK, now missing data for banner URL and your address.
(Items 8-10)

If you wish advertising at the advertising frame (frame rotation Link4U website´s buttom), click this checkbox and fill in the dots 5 -10.
I just want advertising at the website´s buttom rotation frame : Yes/No
Banner adswith format F1 at Link4U-homepage buutomadvertising frame

This item 5 can be skipped if you do not want to fade in Link4U buttom advertising frame . This advertisement is only at the Link4U-HP.

Choose this option if you want to advertise only on the Link4U-HP. For example, you have no active Link4U account or want to place additional advertising. You will get a temporary account for the duration of the ordered credits.

For Advertisement on Link4U and members pages go here after 4 continues at 6.

Your banner shall be displayed at Link4U HP at buttom rotation frame.

desired numberof views at the Link4U
(250 x 50 or 234x60 Pixel)
A valid banner URL must be specified! You can do this using a Link4U account of Fromats F1. Enter your account ID in 8. Credits will be added to this account. .
If you would like to proceed without use of an account, specify the desired banner and link URL at 6.


complete information
If you do not want to use the banner- or the link- URL of your account, enter this information here.
If using account-data , the following two entries can be skipped and the Link4U ID is tob specified in 8. The corresponding credits will be assigned to this account.

Your homepage URL.:

Here will be linked by clicking on your banner.

Your banner URL:

If you do not want to use the banner of an existing Link4U - account (F1-F4), but want banner ads on the Link4U-home page rotation frame with Size 250 x 50 pixels, enter the URL of your banner image here.

Please note: Link4U - Account banner of formats F2 / F3 and F4 are not for advertising on Link4U rotationframe suitable!
A banner - URL must be specified in Item 7.


Your Lin4U ID
If you want to use banner of a present Link4U account, specify the appropriate Link4U ID.
For advertising at Link4U Rotationframeat the buttom of the homepage only data from a F1-Account can be used.

Billing Address:

Email-Address: @  
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