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What features offers Link4U?

Once registered, you get the Link4U banner code.
You place this code visible on your homepage
Using sub-codes, you can place the Link4U banner-code on several pages of your website. Each call gets additional credits from Banner Advertisement for your own banners.
You find this in "Member Login" at Link4U startpage.
Very fair Ratio is 3:4
4 views of Link4U´s banner-code or - subcode will get 3 views of your banner on other members pages.
Multibanner Accounts
Use Banner 3 simultaneously rotating.
For each banner, there is a separate statistic.
The settings, see "User account" on the homepage.
Multi-format banners
Three main formats, each with two Subformats. You can choose for each account, one of the three formats and within the format a SUBFORMAT for sub-pages. Please do not confuse SUBFORMAT and SUBCODES. The SUBFORMAT only describes the banner size, while the SUBCODES are also used for any size, regardless of format.
But you can also use multiple formats if you registered a own Link4U Account for each format. Don not use different formats with one Account.

Multiformat with 4 Bannersizes

F1:   234x60 Px and it´s SUBFORMAT   250x50 Px
F2:   440x40 Px and it´s SUBFORMAT   468x60 Px
F3: 120x600 Px and it´s SUBFORMAT 160x600 Px
F4: 120x120 Px and it´s SUBFORMAT 160x160 Px

8 sizes, for every application and every design. Select the most appropriate format/subformat for you.

Load size of the banners
Note, banners should be displayablel, even if your server´s Internet connection might be slow.
Your Banners should have a low load size. (Clue about 10k to 75 kB).
Not shown Bannersdo not increase your click rate, yet the number of visitors!
More Info Note: Some desktop firewalls are using filter on e.g. the term banner. They prevent the showing of pictures that have the term "banner" in a part of the file name or - path.
Avoid such terms in naming.

Top Hitbox

Place your Link4U top placement on your website!
The settings are under "Member Login" on the homepage

Target groups

In order to achieve best possible selection of destination , Link4U allows your banner to be assigned to specific target groups in order to minimize wastage.
Your own home page must also be assigned to a target audience.
The settings are under "Member Login" on the homepage.

International Advertising

Your advertisement will not only be internationally, but also identified by viewer´s nationality - so you guaranteed to reach your selected target group .
The settings are under "Member Login" on the homepage.


Detailed statistics are available to help control your advertising success.
For this reason we offer evaluations for banners, subcodes, target groups and countries, of course, counter to the views and clicks.

e-mail statistics

You can receive your weekly statistics by e-mail.


Save up banner displays and enter it freely according to your wishes.
So you can support actions to your website through targeted advertising campaign in Link4U.
The settings are under "Member Login" on the homepage.

Reload lock

To avoid unfair scripting, e.g. automatic reloads are recognized and are not counted.
A manipulation of credits by reloading is not possible

Reclick lock

A manipulation of the statistiks / charts is excluded.
Mehrfachklicks by the same visitor are not counted multiple timest.

Adult Lock

Erotic offers and banners are to be marked! You decide if this is advertising on your website. Link4U reserves the right to classify the content!
Pornographic offers are not allowed !!

Automatic verification of codes and banners

All Member sites are regularly checked automatically to the correct placement of the banner - codes and orderly Link4U banner.
Accounts that violate the current rules will be stopped..

Lock competition

You decide if others with the same category like your own are displayed on your page .
If selected, banner of your own category are not displayed on your own site

Own Banner lock

Your banner will not appear on your side but only on other member pages, to avoid Credits to give away. Of course your decision


Comments and suggestions are very welcome.
Useful information to better textual description, in particular for the translation into English we always welcome !!!
Link4U reserves the right to innovate and change the features and rules.


Any kind of abuse is punishable by expulsion. It's not possible to monitor all site´s content permanently. We therefore ask all members to report abuse hereby.

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