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Link4U is a free banner exchange with the very fair terms and many offfers.
With target categories driven banner advertising, we increase traffic to your website - not only in Germany and german speaking area.
Your Banner not simply appear one after the other, like usual at many other advertising systems!
Target nationality is taken into your account to meet your desired target group.
Read more about the most important Features.
Have look for a brief statement on banner exchange.
Here you find a guide using the most important Features, such as sub-codes e.g.
Whenever you have questions or comments, write us.
We will do our best to solve your problems or take your suggestions into Link4U features.

Account - Statistics and forms to change your Data, see at "Member Login" at the left.

Beyond the free area Link4U offers also favorable conditions for paid advertising .

Feel fre to contact us if you are looking for a cheap and effective way, your Internet - Pages to get more visitors.


Images, banners, content and links to presentations, Images, banners and content, contrary to German and international law, are not allowed!

Link4U is constantly striving for control of compliance with these requirements.
However, it is not possible to constantly monitor each site.
We therefore distance ourselves explicitly from the presentations, content, images, links and banners that are used with Link4U of members in the context.

To be able to offer our members also in future, the usual safety and quality, serious rule violations will be pinished by expulsion without warning.

Please note our

By the way -
Huge banners lists appear unserios and from expirience do not increase success!

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Mitglied bei Link4U
Mitglied bei Link4U

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Link4U Overview:
free promotion for your site
extremely fair insertion ratio of 3:4
Target Group Advertising + international advertising
600 Views initial credit
3 Banners per Account

4 Mainformats and one Subformat each.
8 Bannerfsizes to Your Choice

Credits Moneybox
Erotik-Control / Lock
Competitors lock
Lock of their own banner on your own Site
Ssubcodes for more promotion
detailed statistics, including target groups
e-mail statistics
IP Tracking
  Automatic verification of banner placements
Automatic verification of banner changes
cheap comercial advertising
Free, fair, undependent !!