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Choose between 3 different formats and within the format the SUBFORMAT that you appear the most suitable for your purpose and your style.

Link4U allows your advertising harmoniously adapt to your style. If desired, select one of the 3 formats or its SUBFORMAT and integrate it simply via copy & paste into your site.

Please first select the desired format selecting by clicking on the / the appropriate banners or description or by selection at the checkbox (center of the page).

Before beginning - some tips to increase the efficiency of your account.




250x50 Pixel



400x40 Pixel



468x60 Pixel

Please choice Banners Format :



Tiles-1 120x120 Pixel



Tiles-2 160x160 Pixel


120x600 Pixel


160x600 Pixel

Mitglied bei Link4U Format 4-1
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Mitglied bei Link4U

Please note: It is left to the member which subformat of the selected format (F1 / F2 / F3/ F4) is used. Check in advance whether your banner is displayed well in two sizes of chosen format.

Make sure not to use banner URL's like "advertising, banner, banner-exchange, click / click, Exchange, Trade, Advertise, Pormotion" . Some security suites are using filters for these terms by default and possibly prevent displaying your banners.

You can work around this problem even when naming the path and banners without using such terms. This behavior is unaware to most users of security suites . Filter settings are hidden in configuration of these suites and might mean a lot of effort by any user to turn off that behavior.

Link4U not uses any POPUPs or layers which cover Your site content.
Any kind of click-compulsion is not allowed! For this reason Link4U also dispense on Java and JavaScripts in Link4U banner code.
Link4U just supplies your banner and the link to your site ->
to the Link4U Member´s chosen location and in the shape and size of his choice!
We therefore also ask for use of image formats like JPG, GIF and PNG.
Our ambition is to present advertising in fair shape.
No tricks - easy, clear, unambiguous.
We are constantly striving to ensure this.
The benefitis to our members

Advertising is legitimate in all media and the lifeblood of modern marketing. Advertising is only successful if it has serious and is generating interest among visitors! "Only intended clicks brings You real buyers".

Please review our rules.